Bisque Par Golf Format – How To Play

The Bisque par golf format is a spinoff of the match play vs par format. The difference being you are able to use your handicap strokes on the holes you choose.

The match play golf format works like this. Golfers play each hole using their handicap with the hope of scoring better than a net par. A net par earns you a 0 on the scorecard, a net score better than par earns you a plus (+) and a score worse than par earns you a minus (-).

Once the round is completed players add there score up and the golfer with the most plusses compared to minuses is the winner.

The big difference with this format is that you choose which holes to use your handicap strokes. When playing traditional match play vs par you would give out your handicaps strokes based on the scorecard. That is, you would have to give out your handicap strokes on the hardest holes on the course.

The best part is you do not have to elect to use one of your handicap strokes until you tee off on the next hole. That means you can use your handicap strokes on a hole after it is completed.

Using Your Strokes

When it comes to using your strokes it is quite a simple process. Each golfer is given a certain number of strokes for the entire round based on their handicap.

You are then to able to use as many handicap strokes you want on any hole. That means if you score 7 on a a par four you can use three strokes and bring that triple bogey down to a par.

Strategy For Bisque Par Format

Just like all golf games and formats there are always some strategic decision you can make to give yourself a better shot at winning. Here are some strategy tips fro playing the Bisque Par Format

Don’t Waste Strokes On Blowup Holes

One important factor to remember is that this is not stroke format. If you score higher than a bogey your score will still result in the minus that you would receive if you got a bogey.

This means using any sort of handicap strokes to reduce a triple bogey to a double will not count for anything. The only time this makes sense is if it is late in the game. And only if you have a large number of strokes left to use.

This may allow you to knock a triple bogey all the way down to a par.

Have A Lot Of Strokes Left – Play Conservatively

If you find you have a several strokes left and only a few strokes to go it can makes sense to play conservatively. This means putting away the driver, making layup shots, and aiming at the center of the green.

The reason for this is that when playing conservative you will likely score relatively low scores on most holes. This is because you will be avoiding most of the dangers on the course.

This will allow you to use these extra handicap strokes to bring these scores to pars and birdies. Remember if you have extra strokes to use you don’t have to score well you just have to not score poorly.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed are article on the Bisque Par Golf Format. Let us know if you have any questions about this golf format in the comments. If you enjoyed this and want to check out other golf formats see our guide to how to play train.

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