PGX Offset Driver Review – Is It The Club For You?

Adding yards to your game off the tee is crucial and the PGX Offset Driver can help you get that done. This PGX Offset Driver review is on hand to break down all of the innovative features the PGX Offset driver has, allowing you to decide if it’s the ideal driver for your bag.

PGX Offset Driver Features

Square Club Face

Whilst it certainly isn’t for everyone, the square club face on the PGX Offset Driver is designed to assist golfers who have the tendency to be errant off the tee. The anti-slice and hook technology the square club face offers allows players to swing confidently with the PGX Offset Driver.

Most driver club heads have a rounded face but the square club face on the PGX Offset Driver increases the sweet spot, allowing you to maximise your distance on the tee box and have more margin for error.

Despite not possessing the titanium club faces associated with bigger name brands such as Taylormade, Ping and Callaway, the PGX Offset Driver’s alloy club face more than holds its own.

The anti-slice technology is a godsend for most recreational golfers and whilst the PGX Offset Driver doesn’t guarantee results, it certainly helps out if your tendency is to shoot the ball off to the right (if you’re a righty).

Offset Club Head

The principle behind an offset clubhead is to help people that are struggling with their swing speeds and allow them to control the ball with an unconventional hitting zone on the clubface.

PGX have worked hard to develop a club that is not only affordable but is made from reputable enough materials and can enhance a player’s performance – especially in recreational golf.

Adjusting the club head gives players a different perspective when they step up to the ball on the tee and the PGX Offset Driver is hugely forgiving, making it the perfect addition to the amateur golfer’s bag.

Graphite Shaft

Next on our PGX Offset driver review is the graphite shaft. Graphite shafts are certainly not a new invention within the world of golf, with players of all levels benefiting hugely from being able to swing the club quicker and in a more robust manner.

The PGX Offset Driver contains a lightweight graphite shaft (78 grams) making it the perfect counterbalance when put against the heavy, square-faced club head.

Compared to some of the other drivers on the market, the PGX Offset Driver is mid-range in terms of weight, making it perfect for all levels of golfer and the durable graphite shaft makes it versatile to all playing conditions too.

Consumer Analysis

When perusing the market for a new driver, there are many considerations to factor in to such a significant purchase. The PGX Offset Driver is no different in that regard and customers should look to assess all of the options available to them before parting with their hard-earned cash.

In this portion of our PGX driver review we break down what real consumers had to say about this club.


  • Price
  • Anti-Slice Technology
  • Offset Club Head


  • Perhaps not suitable for top level players

The USP for most customers with the PGX Offset Driver appears to be the pricing structure. Most drivers on the market are really expensive pieces of kit, with the likes of Taylormade and Ping dominating the landscape.


In comparison, the PGX Offset Driver is much cheaper and whilst it doesn’t have the titanium plated technology in the club head of some of their competitors, it is very playable and doesn’t hit users as hard in the pocket.

Anti-Slice Technology

When it comes to performance, the anti-slice technology on the PGX Offset Driver is one of the very best on the market, with recreational players seeing instant results when it comes to being able to control the ball off the tee.

Offset Club Head

The offset club head is another selling point, giving maximum forgiveness for players who tend to be a little wild when looking to pick up distance with their first stroke.

Whilst the PGX Offset Driver is suitable for most players within the price range, having titanium within the club head can improve distances dramatically and more experienced golfers who play longer courses will perhaps be looking for more from their driver investment.

Broadly speaking, consumer opinion of the PGX Offset Driver is positive with most people deeming it excellent value for money. Being able to rely on a driver is key off the tee and most users felt their game improved thanks to the anti-slice technology in conjunction with the square club face and the offset driver head.

Cost and Value – PGX Offset Driver

As with anything in life, you generally get what you pay for. The PGX Offset driver is currently available for around £165 – making it very competitively priced

Having first launched in 2015, the PGX Offset Driver is made by Pinemeadow – an up and coming name within the world of golf equipment. Subsequent drivers have been manufactured on the market by Pinemeadow and the PGX Offset Driver was priced around £200 when it was first available.

Within its class, the PGX Offset Driver is one of the most reliable drivers on the market. With excellent technological features and a forgiving, lightweight club – it is suitable for most recreational golfers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the PGX Offset Driver come with a Headcover?

Yes, the PGX Offset Driver comes with a headcover allowing you to keep the club safe and clean at all times.

What is the weight of the PGX Offset Driver?

As one of the lightest options on the market, the PGX Offset Driver has a head weight of just 200 grams.

Can I adjust my PGX Offset driver?

The PGX Offset Driver is easy to adjust and comes in two different models with differing specifications.

Adapting the PGX Offset driver is simple with the in-built developed hosel which you can lift or lower depending on your desired length. The head of this product can support the additional weight, allowing you to adjust to your needs.

What is the length of the PGX Offset Driver?

Whilst of course it can be adjusted to fit your specific game style, the PGX Offset driver is 45 inches long.

What is the club head volume of the PGX Offset Driver?

Coming in at 460 cubic centimeters, this driver is one of biggest drivers within its price category and range.

Most major manufacturers are making clubhead sizes 460 centimeters (which is the maximum allowed currently) and the PGX Offset Driver is in keeping with the current trends.

Conclusion PGX Offset Driver Review

Whilst we would all love to be able to splurge loads of money on golfing equipment, the reality is that for most of us that simply isn’t an option. The PGX Offset Driver however is an affordable and reliable choice for those looking to improve their game from the tee box.

Possessing incredibly innovative features such as the anti-slice technology and the increased forgiveness through the offset square club head, the PGX Offset Driver is perfect for recreational golfers looking to get more out of their game.

In addition, it is one of the cheapest options available to golfers looking for a new driver and it certainly appears to be worth the investment.

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