Teeless Driver Review

Due to this driver’s unique ability to hit the ball both off the tee or off the ground, it has found its way to being one of the hottest selling speciality clubs on the market. But does it live up to the hype?

Throughout our Teeless driver review, we’re going to break down all the benefits and features of this unique golf club so you can find out if its right for you.

Key Features

  • Can Be Hit Off The Ground
  • Forward Bounce
  • Deepest CG in the driver market
  • High Spectrum CT spring effect
  • 13-degree loft

Hitting Off The Deck

The key feature that truly separates this driver from the crowd is its ability to be hit off the ground. Although some other drivers offer this capability it is typically very difficult to effect a hit driver directly from the ground.

This club is specifically designed to have the ability to be hit off the ground despite generating driver distances. If you’re a golfer that struggles with hitting long or consistent fairway woods then this feature will certainly come in handy.

Forward Bounce

The forward bounce of this golf club is another fantastic feature. Golfers that tend to hit ball fat often do so with their drives as well. For those of you that don’t know, hitting a ball fat means the club is coming into contact with the ground prior to hitting the ball.

When a golfer hits a ball fat they typically see a significant reduction in distance. The forward bounce of the teeless driver makes hitting your ball nearly impossible.

If you typically struggle with hitting the ball fat than this forward bounce feature will offer you some serious benefits. As this driver works to bounce forward off the ground and continue on its path to the ball.

Deep Cg

The deep CG refers to the center of gravity of this teeless golf driver. Having a deep CG refers to having a center of gravity that sits at the back and bottom of the clubface.

A center of gravity in this position allows the club to be more forgiving. This means that if you hit this ball off-center on the clubface it will still likely travel in the desired direction.

This deep CG feature makes this club great for high to mid-handicap golfers looking to find a little more consistency.

High Spectrum CT Spring Effect

The high spectrum CT spring effect increases the velocity of the ball as it comes off the club face. This increased velocity turns into increased distance giving you more from this Teeless driver.

Cost And Value -Tee Less Driver

With a mid-range price point we found this teeless driver to be a fantastic value buy. If you’re a golfer that struggles with fairway and wants to find more consistency in their game than this Tee less golf driver is a great option.

Frequently Asked Questions About The TeeLess Driver

Where Do I Buy The Teeless Driver?

If you are like most people searching for this club online you’ve likely found that it is difficult to track down. Previously the commercial would tell you to head to teelessdriver.com.

That site is no longer active and does not sell the golf club. The amazon listing also says that the club is currently unavailable. This means your chance to find a brand new teeless driver is quite unlikley.

That being said, there are still many used tee less drivers floating around that will likely come at a much cheaper price than the one you saw on the commercial.

Your best bets for finding one of these used clubs is to check either amazon.com or ebay.com. There are also several other used golf equipment sites that might be able to track this club down. You can see those in our guide to the best-used golf equipment sites.

Are there Left-Handed Teeless Drivers available for sale?

Throughout our research, we found that the Teeless driver was not made for left handed golfers. So if you are a lefty you will have to look for a different club to fix your driving woes.

What is the closest alternative to the tee less driver?

Our go-to alternative if you can’t get you hands on the original teeless driver is the GX-7.

This alternative is another driver-esque club that can be used off the deck. If you’re looking for a driver you can use off the deck but can’t get find the teeless driver than this GX-7 is another great choice.

Conclusion Revolution Golf Teeless Driver Review

We hope you enjoyed our review of the teeless driver. If you have any questions about this review or about the club itself be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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  1. I have one with a regular shaft and was very excited to get it, but I soon discovered I hit my 3 wood 190 and my driver 200 off the deck better then the Teeless Driver, which feels like an anchor in my hands. I should have gotten the Senior shaft! Now I am stuck with it sitting in the garage. If I only knew what shaft to change it out with, I could give it another try.


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