Understanding Tee Time In Golf – What Is It

Golf is full of slang, and with all the equipment and terminology it can all get pretty confusing. That’s why we’ve put together this article which will break down what a tee time is. How to book a tee time and if you really need to book a tee time at your home course.

What is a tee time

Since golfers typically play the holes one group at a time golf courses must book reservations as to who is playing the course at each time.

These times slots in which you are to start your round are referred to as tee times. When playing your round you should have the first member of your group hit their drive as your tee time starts.

How Do I Book One?

Booking a tee time is a very easy process. And depending on your golf course can be done in several different ways.

The most common way to book a tee time is to call the golf course. If you search your course on google you will likely find a phone number for the clubhouse. Simply call the number and talk to the course employee who will book a time for you.

The other option is to book online. Many golf courses these days offer online booking. This process allows you to look at all the different tee times online and choose which one you would like to play at.

Do I Need To Book One?

Booking tee times is something most golfers do. The majority of times they play but it is not something you always have to do.

The decision on whether or not you have to book a tee time is based on the busyness of the course.

For example, a busy course on a weekend morning is always going to be packed. If you show up without a tee time it is likely you will not be able to play.

While a not so busy course on week night may be empty enough that if you show up you will be able to walk onto the course without a tee time at all.

It is also important to check if the course you are playing requires a tee time. Most courses do not but it can be helpful to know this information before showing up.

In our opinion you’re going to want to book a tee time whenever you play. As the vast majority of the time it will be helpful and only take a few seconds of your time.

How Long Before The Tee Time Should I Show Up

The amount of time before your tee time you want to show is dependent on if you want to hit some warm-up balls.

If you are planning on heading to the range to hit some balls before you round. Then we suggest showing up at least an hour early.

If you are just planning to go straight to the course. Then we suggest atleast 25 minutes prior to your tee time.

This will allow you to go into the pro shop get signed in. Get your golf carts in order as well as, hit a couple putts or chips before teeing off to warm up.

Often times when golfers are members they will show up a little later than this but our suggestion is to show up atleast 25 minutes early.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding tee times. If you have any questions regarding tee times or any of the other information we included on our list. Then we encourage you to reach in the comments below.

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