What Is Draw Bias In Golf – How Does It Work

If you’re shopping for a new driver or fairway wood you may have come across the term draw bias. You may already have figured that this feature is going to help draw the golf ball, but how exactly does it work? This guide is going to breakdown everything you need to know about draw bias in golf clubs.

What Does A Draw Bias Do?

The answer to this question is in the name itself. A draw bias makes it so that your club is more likely to hit draws. For right-handed golfers, this means it is going to make it more likely that your ball moves from right to left.

When hitting a draw bias driver you will find a ball that is hit in the sweet spot will be a draw instead of flying straight. You may also find that balls that hit close to the toe of the driver will now travel straighter instead of slicing.

If you are a golfer that struggles with slices this will be a welcome feature. A draw puts the opposite spin on the ball when compared to a slice.

Slices are one of the most common issues amongst beginner golfers which makes draw bias drivers a popular fix.

How Does Draw Bias Work?

Draw bias works by moving the center of gravity closer to the heel of the golf club.

When the center of gravity is in the middle of club a hit in the sweet spot will create a straight shot. A hit off the toe should fade and a hit off the heel should draw.

This is completely changed when the center fo gravity is moved to the heel of the club. A shot closer to the heel will not generate any spin and travel straight. And a shot in the sweet spot should generate a draw.

Though we must be clear there are more factors that go into draws and fades. Though the center of gravity is a major factor in draws and fades. It can also be created via the openness of the clubface as well as the swing path. So this feature will not necessarily fix all your problems.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, this is a feature that you can use to help reduce fades and slices in your golf game. This feature is not a guaranteed fix. But it will prevent you from generating as much side spin on your shots. If you find you often hit shots closer to the toe of your club then a draw bias will be welcome feature to your game.

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