What Does HL Mean In Golf Clubs

Are you shopping for new clubs and have come across the term “HL”. If so you probably want to get a good understanding of this term before you make your final purchase. That’s why this guide is on hand to answer exactly what does HL mean in golf clubs.

The term HL when referring to golf clubs means “high launch”. Clubs that have a high launch designation have features built-in that increase the trajectory of the ball. These typically include a lower center a gravity which helps to launch the ball. Or an increased loft which will hit the ball on a higher arc than a standard club.

Who Are HL Clubs For?

Though HL clubs can be played by golfers of many different skill levels they are typically used by higher handicap golfers.

This is because it is typically high handicap golfers that struggle to launch the golf ball. These clubs are meant to correct that issue.

Since this feature is built for high handicappers you will find the rest of the clubs features will also be tailored to this skill level. For this reason you will find that clubs that feature high launch are typically game improvement irons.

Game improvement irons are meant for those looking improve their game before they move onto clubs that are more difficult to hit.

If you are struggling with making consistent contact in your golf game then an HL club may be a good fit for you.

Are HL Clubs Good?

In our opinion high launch clubs care not good or bad. It all depends on how it fits into your golf game. As we established earlier in the article clubs that feature HL are typically meant for higher handicap golfers.

If you are a scratch golfer then an HL will not be a good fit for you. The higher launch will take away some of your distance. Not to mention the features in these clubs meant to reduce side spin will affect your ability to shape your shots.

If you are a beginner you will find these clubs will help you with consistently putting your ball in the air. The same features that harm a scratch golfers ability to shape shots will help you reduce your slices and hooks.

In this example there is no good or bad but simply a good fit or bad fit. This goes to show you how important it is to have a good grasp on your skill level.

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