What Does The CC On Wedges Mean

Have you ever noticed a small marking of “cc” on your wedges? If you are anything like most golfers you probably have no idea what it means. The term “cc” when placed on wedges actually stands for “conditions of competition”.

What the conditions of competition are refering to is the rules regarding wedges and grooves. Like most golf equipment wedges must pass several qualifications in order for them to be approved by the USGA.

In order to ensure that wedges do not give golfers an unfair advantage, their grooves are inspected. Once they are deemed to have passed the check they are given the “CC”. This means they have passed the conditions of competition and are able to be used in tournament and professional play.

Other Uses Of CC In Golf

You may have noticed that there are other uses of the term “cc” in golf but they are entirely unrelated. The other situation in which you may see this term used is in reference to driver club head size.

Drivers typically have a club head size from 430-460cc. When you see cc in this context it refers to cubic centimeters. Instead of measuring golf drivers through all their dimensions, they are instead measured in total cubic centimeters.

Once a driver is beyond the 460cc size then it is no longer allowed under USGA standards. Though we want to make it clear when you see cc on a driver it is referring to cubic centimeters.

Despite size being a factor in the USGA allowing drivers the cc does not refer to conditions of competition as it does when it is seen on a wedge.

Concluding Thoughts

In short, there are two CC’s you may come across in golf. CC’s on wedges are confirmation that the club has been tested and conforms to all USGA standards. While CC’s on drivers refer only to the size of the clubhead in cubic centimeters.

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