Best Illegal Golf Balls – Anti Slice And Longest

Whether you’re looking to add a little extra distance to your drives, cancel out a slice or just try out for some non-conforming balls for fun, our list of the best illegal golf balls will breakdown all your top options.

Best Illegal Golf Ball

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11:07 pm UTC
  • Reduces Slices
  • Increases Distance
  • Trusted Brand
  • Non USGA Conforming

Longest Illegal Golf Ball

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11:07 pm UTC
  • Increase Distance
  • Correction Of Slices (Less So Than The Ultimate Straight Model)
  • Trusted Brand
  • Non Usga Conforming
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5:07 pm UTC
  • Incredible Distance
  • “Illegal” For Breaking Distance Records
  • Non USGA conforming

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Best Non-Conforming Golf Balls For Seniors

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5:07 pm UTC
  • Great For Seniors Or Slow Swing Speeds
  • Increases Distance
  • Corrects Slices
  • Non USGA con forming
  • Not As Beneficial For Fast Swing Speeds
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5:10 pm UTC
  • Increased DIstance
  • Small Ball Reduces Drag
  • Easier To Putt Small Ball
  • Small Ball Can Be More Difficult To Hit
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3:06 am UTC
  • Increase Distance
  • Enhanced Feel
  • Additional Distance Not Added If Hit Is Off Center

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I Use An Illegal Golf Ball?

There is no one proper answer to this question as the use of these non-conforming balls tends to be more preference from golfers rather than rules.

You certainly shouldn’t use these balls in tournament play or when money is on the line but aside from that have at it.

Are you a struggling golfer that wants to have more fun on the course and not spend so much time chasing balls? Then using a non-conforming ball may be the right choice.

Illegal golf balls are also commonly used by senior golfers. Typically those that struggle to get the distance they previously had.

In our opinion as long as there it isn’t a tournament or money the line any golfer should be able to use non-conforming balls at their own discretion.

What Makes These Golf Balls Go Farther?

There are a few different techniques used by golf ball manufacturers that create extra distance in their non-conforming balls.

The primary reason that these golf balls are deemed illegal is due to their size and weight.

It has become commonplace amongst illegal golf balls to be smaller and much heavier than traditional golf balls. This propels then further though some believe that this can cause damage to your clubface.

Are there non conforming golf clubs as well?

Yes, there are companies which illegal clubs though you won’t find any from your major brands like Titleist or Callaway.

There doesn’t tend to be a very big market for illegal clubs so the companies that make these clubs tend to be smaller.

That being said there are still illegal clubs that players can use to improve their game.

Can I Use These Golf Balls In Tournaments?

One thing we do not suggest is using these balls in tournaments. Technically these balls are deemed illegal by the USGA which means that these can’t be used in a USGA event.

Now, not every tournament is going to be a USGA event but many would still frown upon using these golf balls. If you ever plan to enter a tournament using any of the illegal balls on our list be sure to reach out to the tournament organizers. This should be done prior to the round to let them know about your intentions.

What other options do I have to increase drives and fix my slice?

Some golfers may be looking for ways in which they can still increase distance or straighten out their drives.

The best option for higher handicap golfers struggling with distance or control is low compression golf balls.

By opting to use low compression golf balls golfers will find that their distance will increase and your slices and hooks should reduce.

Low compression golf balls work by allowing golfers to reduce the sidespin on their balls. The compressing of the golf ball once contact is made help to reduce the side spin that is put on the ball.

This is helpful as side spin is what generates slices and hooks.

The low compression of the ball also helps to create increased distance on your drive. The compression of the ball, once it is hit with the club, increased the transfer of energy to the ball. This results in the ball travelling an increased distance.

Though there are some cons to using a low compression ball. The reduced spin that is helpful when driving ends up hindering your game around the green.

The reduced backspin makes it harder to stick greens as well as hit fades or draws intentionally.

All in all, these low compression balls offer more distance and control than most balls but will still not match in comparison to the illegal balls offered in our list.

Where To Buy Illegal Golf Balls

If you looking to purchase a pack of illegal golf balls you may be wondering where exactly you should purchase them. If you head to a local golf shop there is a chance they may carry some. But ultimately your best bet is to shop online.

Shopping online for non-conforming golf balls is going to give you a much broader selection to choose from. And ultimately will help you find the best ball for your game.

Who Are Non-Conforming Golf Balls For?

With illegal golf balls being a divisive subject it can be tough to tap into who these balls are for. Many believe their unfair nature makes them great for golfers looking to boost their chances of winning a bet.

The reality is the majority of golfers that use these illegal golf balls are those looking to have fun. These golf balls can simply be a tool to get more enjoyment out of the game for those that struggle.

A golfer that has to line up 60 degrees to the left each time they tee up isn’t have too much fun. Not to mention the amount of money they likely spend to resupply all their golf balls.

At the end of the day, an illegal golf ball is a tool to make the game more enjoyable. Or for those that just want to have some fun on the course.

Best Illegal Golf Balls Conclusion

We hope that you enjoyed our list of the best non-conforming golf balls. Somewhere on our list there should be the perfect ball you need in order to improve your game.

If you are looking for conforming ways to avoid slices you may want to check out our guide on how to straighten out your drives.

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