Bridgestone E6 Soft Review – Low Compression

Welcome to our Bridgestone E6 Soft Review. This guide is going to breakdown everything you need to know about this low compression golf ball.

“With solid distance and great control for a low compression golf ball. The Bridgestone E6 can certainly shave a few strokes off your game.

If you’re a mid to high handicap golfer with a slower swing speed then this is the ball for you.”

Features – Bridgestone E6 Soft

  • Advanced Mantle And Cover
  • Neon Colour Options
  • Delta Dimple Design
  • Low Compression

Advanced Mantle And Cover

The advanced mantle and cover of this Bridgestone golf ball offer golfers incredible control. This is due to the increased spin generated by irons on this ball.

Most low compression golf balls reduce spin in order to correct slices. But ultimately end up losing golfers strokes around the green.

This Bridgestone E6 softworks by generating as little spin as possible on drivers and long irons. But for shorter clubs, the spin is increased. This results in reduced slices and hooks but an increased ability to stick the greens.

Neon Colour Options

For golfers that want to venture beyond the typical white golf ball, this Bridgestone ball is offered in other colours.

Along with white these ball come with a yellow/lime green option which can be easier to see on the course.

Delta Dimple Design

The Delta Dimple Design on this Bridgestone E6 is another way in which this ball has been crafted for distance.

The unique design is meant to reduce air resistance and to resist pop-ups. This ensures that your drives and lond distance shots will carry further if solid contact is made.

Low Compression

This Bridgestone E6 soft is considered a low compression ball. For those of you that don’t know this refers to the degree at which the ball is compressed when contact is made.

Compression has several effects on your ball will travel once contact is made. Typically the compression you choose should be based on your swing speed.

For example, a low compression golf ball like this Bridgestone ball will travel further off drives. A lower compression golf ball will also have less spin. This is advantageous for higher handicap golfers as it will reduce their slice. But it is a negative feature for lower handicaps as they will be less able to hit fades and draws.

The guide for picking your compression typically looks like this.

High Compression – 105 or higher MPH Swing

Medium Compression – 85- 104 MPH Swing

Low Compression – 84 or lower MPH Swing

As you can see this ball is targeted towards lower and medium swing speeds as those are the golfers that would see the most benefit from these balls.

Mid and high handicap golfers will see an increase in distance with irons and drives when using a low compression ball like the Bridgestone E6 Soft.

Though they will have more trouble sticking greens from long distances as they will not be able to generate as much backspin.

If you want to check out some other low compression golf balls for cheap see our guide to refurbished golf balls.


The pricing of these golf balls, though not extremely cheap is a better deal than you will find with any of the major golf brands.

Though these aren’t the cheapest balls you can find on the market. We found there price of just over $2 per ball to be a great value buy.

Design And Materials

This ball from Bridgestone is built with a two-piece design.

This means that this ball has a soft outer cover and a harder middle core.

For those of you who don’t know golf balls can come in several different numbers of pieces. The lowest being two-piece, this is typically used for the lowest compression balls. Two-piece balls offer less spin and more distance and are usually used by high handicappers.

Three-piece balls are one step up from two-piece offer a small amount of ball spin while still giving you great distance.

Once you get into four-piece golf balls you will see these are typically tour quality balls that are used by low handicappers and pros. These balls are not built for adding extra distance. But rather more spin in order to stick greens and hit more complex shots.

This places this ball from Bridgestone more towards higher Handicap golfers looking to gain some distance and control in their game.

The Bridgestone E6 is covered with a soft Ionomer outer layer. The Ionomer layer is a material that is more typically used with mid to high handicap golf balls.

The ionomer layer promotes more distance and a little less pin than other golf ball materials. This ionomer layer makes this ball a little more friendly towards mid and high handicap players looking for more distance and forgiveness.

Consumer Reviews

In this section of our review, we look to the consumers of this golf ball to get a better understanding of how the ball performs amongst the masses.

This is done by reading through hundreds of consumer reviews to determine their consensus of the product.

Here is what they had to say.

  • Good Control
  • Good Distance
  • Great Value
  • Do not produce as much distance as lowest compression balls

The control was something that many reviews mentioned. This was welcome to golfers that were not expecting this much spin from a low compression ball.

Most reviewers mentioned that the control was still lesser than harder balls like Pro V 1’s. Though overall consumers were quite happy with this level of green control on a low compression ball.

The distance of this ball was good as well. As many reviewers spoke on how much distance it added to their drives and long irons.

The value of these balls was another common theme we saw throughout our reviews. Golfers seemed impressed with the quality of the ball that was given for this low price.

The only negative we noticed was that some golfers said there were balls on the market that produced more distance than this Bridgestone e6 softs. This is likely due to the level of compression it offers.

Bridgestone E6 Soft Review Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our Bridgestone E6 soft review. Throughout our research we found this Bridgestone golf ball to be a great option for golfers.

With solid distance and great control for a low compression golf ball, this ball can certainly shave a few strokes off your game.

If you’re a mid to high handicap golfer with a slower swing speed then this is the ball for you.

The pricing of this ball puts it in a great window between the top tier golf balls and the low tier. Bridgestone offers a solid ball you can trust for a fraction of the price.

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