Bounce Back Golf Game – How To Play

The bounce-back golf game is a great way to allow mid to high handicappers enjoy themselves while learning the game. To play this game you need at least two golfers. Here is how it works.

This game works by awarding or taking away points based on how golfers react to scores of double bogey or worse.

If you are able to follow up your double bogey with a score of par or better then you are awarded one point.

If you follow up your double bogey with another double bogey or worse you will lose one point. A score of bogey on the hole will be considered a wash and no points will be awarded or taken away.

Once the round is complete golfers will tally up the points they have gained and lost throughout the round.

The golfer or team that has the most points at the end of the round is the winner.

Who Is This Golf Game For

As we stated earlier this golf game is great for high and mid handicappers. This game is going to offer you a unique opportunity to be excited about a double bogey.

As a beginner you typically get upset when you score a double bogey or worse. This game allows you a quick “bounce back” keeping you motivated to play the next hole well.

Every golfer out there has thought about quitting at some point and it usually comes after a bad score. This game will keep you incentivized and allow you another reason to keep playing.

Another reason this game doesn’t work well for low handicappers. Golfers of this skill level tend to not score double bogey very often. This means that they would have very few chances to score points.

It is also quite likely that a low handicapper will not score back to back double bogeys at any points throughout their round. This means that a low handicapper will likely not lose any points throughout the entire game.

All in all, this game is best suited for mid to high handicap golfers. If you are looking for a game that better suits low handicappers you may want to try wolf or defender.

Strategies For Bounce Back

One suggestion we would give when playing the bounce back golf game is to know when to play conservatively or aggressively.

An example of this could be if you have scored a double bogey and you cannot afford to lose more points. Playing the next hole conservatively is going to greatly decrease your chances of scoring a double bogey or worse.

This means you may have to put away your driver. Hit a layup shot or set yourself up for a two-putt. These strategies will not have you scoring incredibly low but will greatly lessen your risk of scoring high.

The opposite tactic should be used if you need to gain points. If you a high handicapper that needs a par or better you are likely going to have to play an aggressive game. This means you may have to drive at the green on a short par four, or go for a par five on two shots.

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