Chapman Golf Format – How To Play

Looking to learn how to play the Chapman golf format? This guide is going to breakdown all the rules and strategies you need to know in order to play this awesome golf side game. Let’s get started

This game is typically played in teams of two. This means you will need a foursome you can break up into two seperate teams.

The game works like this. Golfers will each drive on the first hole as they typically would. The twist is that golfers will play their second shot from their partners drive.

This means if you put your drive into a bunker and your partner put his on the fairway. You will be hitting out of the fairway and your partner the bunker.

The two golfers must then decide which between their two second shots is the better option. Once the optimal second shot is chosen the golfer who did not hit that second shot will be the one who hits the third.

In short, if you hit the 2nd shot you will not hit the 3rd. This continues as the two golfers will play the hole out in alternate shot format.

Once the hole is complete the team that took fewer strokes is the winner.

Teams can play the Chapman golf format in matchplay or stroke play. This means you can either count the total strokes it takes your team to complete the round. Or you can choose to compare the numbers of holes you won versus the opposing team.

Strategies For Playing The Chapman Golf Format

Choose Your Shots Based On The Golfer Not The Location

One tip that can give you a leg up when playing this golf side game is choosing your shots based on the golfer not the location.

Since you will be playing alternate shot it is helpful to take into account the player who will take each shot. For example say you are playing a par five.

If one golfer on your team can hit a great approach shot it may be helpful to have him hit the third shot of the hole. In order to do that you must select the other teammates ball on the second shot.

This means even if the ball is not in a better location it may be best to choose a teammate in order to get the best shot order in place.

If You Have A Safe Drive Don’t Be Afraid To Smash One

As you know only one players ball is going to be played on the majority of the hole. This means that if you have one ball that is in a much better position than the other it is likely this will be the ball you will play once the alternate shot portion begins.

So, if you hit your first drive and it is sitting safely in the fairway. It may make sense to swing for the fences on that second ball. If the first player believes the ball will result in a safe score it may be the time to play aggressive and go for a birdie. To do this, it may mean risking a high swing speed drive.

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