Let It Ride Golf Game Format – How To Play

If you’re looking for a breakdown on how to play the Let It Ride golf game then you’re in the right place. This guide is going teach you all the rules and strategies you need to play this golf side game. Let’s get started

The let it ride golf game awards points on each hole based on your score. This is similar to the Stableford method of scoring.

The points awarded for each score are as follows:

  • Eagle = 30 points
  • Birdie = 30 points
  • Par = 15 points
  • Bogey = 5 points

If you score a double bogey or worse you are not awarded any points. And if you are able to score an Albatross then you should probably give the tour a shot.

The twist of this game is that you are able to “let it ride” after you score any points. What “let it ride” means is that you are going to risk your points from the last hole for a chance to score double on the next hole.

Let’s say you score a birdie for example. You can either bank the points or “let it ride”. If you bank it you are awarded 30 points and you head to the next hole.

If you let it ride you do not receive any points. But a birdie on this hole would be worth 60 a par worth 30 and a bogey worth 10. In other words each time you let it ride you are able to double to number of points you score on the next hole.

The catch is if you score a double bogey or worse you will lose all your points you have not banked. This makes letting it ride quite a risky move. This also makes this game a little more difficult for high handicappers.

If you’re looking for a more high handicap friendly game you may want to check out beat the worst golf format.

Since this game is scored individually you can play it with two, three, or four golfers.

Strategies For Let It Ride Golf Game

Try To Let It Ride Early

If you are playing in a group of several golfers it is likely that the scores will get quite high. If any golfers are able to avoid the double bogey spell for a while they will score some serious points if they let it ride.

This gives you an opportunity to let it ride early. Doing this early will mean you won’t be forced to play catch up late in the game.

This will also allow you to catch an early lead forcing the other golfers to play more aggressively.

Keep An Eye On The Upcoming Holes

The decision to bank your poitns or let it ride should be heavily dependant on your ability to avoid double bogeys. And if you’re anything like most golfers you know the holes that usually generate these scores.

Keep a close eye on the scorecard to analyze the upcoming holes to see if it is one you struggle with or exceed with.

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