3 In 1 Golf Format – How To Play

If you’re looking to learn how to play the 3 in 1 golf format then you’re in the right place. This golf format can be played with a varied number of players depending on which golf games you select.

The long and short of this golf format is that it consists of three separate golf games played over a single round of golf. Hence the 3 in 1 name.

To play this game you will rotate the golf game you are playing after every six holes. This means you will play one format for holes 1-6, another format for holes 7-12, and a final format for holes, 13-18.

What this does is offer you a wide variety of different games to play during a single round. This can often make the round more fun for most golfers as some typically excel is some formats and not so much in others.

This game can bet as a single bet for all three games. Or there can be wagers made on each of the golf formats. This flexibility is fun because it allows golfers that are down early a chance to come back.

Common Golf Games To Play In 3 In 1 Golf Format


This golf game consists of golfers playing against one another in a hole by hole basis. This is an easy game to understand and works for all skill levels so long as you use handicaps.

Bingo Bango Bongo

This game works by awarding three points on each hole. The first point going to the player who hits his ball on the green first. The second point going to the golfer that is closest to the pin once all balls are on the green.

And finally the last point goes to the golfer that is the first one to put the ball into the hole.


This is a golf game typically played by three players. It works like this. Golfers play out the hole in standard stroke play format. The golfer that wins the hole is awarded five points. The second place golfer receives three points. And the third place golfer receives one point.

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