Split Sixes Golf Game Format – How To Play

The split sixes golf game you can use to have a little more fun next time you are on the course. This game is unique because it is best suited for playing in groups of three. Here is how it works.

Instead of counting strokes or holes won this game works by collecting points similar to the Stableford method. Golfers are awarded points on each hole based on their finish compared to the other golfers in the group.

The group of golfers is awarded a total of six points each hole hence the name split sixes.

The points are awarded as follows:

1st on the hole – 4 Points

2nd on the hole – 2 Points

3rd on the hole – 0 Points

If multiple players tie in a position then the points are split. For example, if two golfers tied in first on the hole they will receive three points each. This golf format is quite similar to the nines golf format.

Who Is This Game For

Often times times the Split sixes golf game is best suited for high handicappers. Though any skill level of golfer can play this game it is going to offer a little more to golfers who tend to score highly, here why.

Scoring based on points on each hole versus the stroke model is great for golfers that tend to have blow up holes. This means holes in which you score a ton of strokes and ruin your round.

Instead of scoring a quadruple bogey that can ruin your scorecard the worst you can do on a hole is score zero points.

In short this game puts much less focus on consistency and instead rewards you for good holes. Now this may not make it more likely you’ll win as a high handicapper but it will certainly keep you in the game.

All that being said this game can also be great for higher-skilled golfers that want to play aggressive. For the same reason that high handicappers like this game, these golfers won’t have to worry about high one hole scores.

Instead, they’ll be able to play aggressive and take risks. Losing a hole in this format does not have large consequences.

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