Best Golf Swing Thoughts To Start Down Swing

Arguably the most difficult part of golf is that split-second between the top of your swing and the moment you make contact with the ball. Regardless of how much practice you’ve put in this short snippet of time will decide your fate on the hole. That’s why we put together this guide to best golf swing thoughts to start your downswing.

Keep It Simple

If you’re going to take away one thing from this article be sure to remember to keep it simple. Though there are many important tips you must focus on when creating your golf swing. It is important that you don’t try and incorporate these thoughts into your swing mid-round.

Any golf swing thought that is mechanical or technical is too complicated to focus on during your swing. When polling PGA golfers it was found that 75% of them do not have a golf swing thought at all.

This high percentage of golfers that do not use swing thoughts agreed that trying to think mechanically while you swing is only going to harm the outcome.

This is where they “keep it simple” mantra comes. Regardless of what swing site you’re going to choose, make sure that the idea behind it is simple. And that it is straightforward enough to not interrupt or hamper the quality of your swing.

Three Main Factors In A Golf Swing Thought

The three main factors we believe should be included in your golf swing are positive, non-technical, and simple.

As long as your golf downswing thoughts follow these three factors then you will find they will not harm your game.

Now if you’re wondering what kind of golf thougts fit into these criteria don’t worry. We are going to include this article with our favourite golf downswing thoughts so you can try them out for yourself.

Our top swing thought to start your downswing

“Through Not To”

One of our favourite downswing thoughts is this simple and concise quote through not to. The thought process behind this quote is quite simple. You want to ensure that as you’re swinging you plan to swing through the ball and not just to the ball itself.

This simple slogan will ensure that you do not just think of your golf swing up until contact is made. Rather you think through your entire swing. Including the follow-through as you drive your club through the ball and towards the target.

“Stay Athletic”

This simple golf swing thought can we use for those golfers that feel stiff or robotic in the swings. The purpose of this swing thought is to remain athletic and loose in your swing.

Many golfers get caught up in the technicalities and mechanics of a golf swing. When at the end of the day it is a sport that requires athletic ability. By reminding yourself to stay athletic in your swing you will find yourself engage more parts of your body. This will help you develop a more natural swing.

“See Ball, Hit Ball”

This golf downswing thought is about as simple as you can get. But that does not make it any less effective. This see ball, hit ball swings thought essentially encourages you to focus on nothing but the core principles of a golf swing.

At the end of the day, you know how to hit a golf ball. And you know how to complete your golf swing. This simple thought process ensures that you can get from Step A to Step B. All without clouding your mind or getting jittery.

Conclusion Best Golf Downswing Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best golf downswing thoughts. If you have any questions about this article or any of the swing thoughts in the article be sure to reach out. If you did enjoy this guide be sure to check out some of our other golfing tips. Such as our guide to the best practice golf balls.

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