One Putt Poker Golf Format – How To Play

The One Putt poker golf format is a fun side bet that you can work into just about any round of golf. This game is best played with four players though it can be played with more or fewer. Here is how it works.

Prior to the round, your foursome will assign a value to a three-putt. For example’s sake we’ll use $1. Once any of the golfers in the group three-putts each player will have to put the aforementioned $1 into the pot. This will continue throughout the round and typically ends with a fairly large pot.

The twist is that each time you one-putt you will receive a playing card. Once the round is complete golfers will show the playing cards they have received throughout the round.

The golfer that has the best poker hand wins the pot.

Who Is This Game For

This golf game/side bet is perfect for golfers that are looking to have some fun on the course. There is a small level of skill required to play this game as you will need to score some one-putts throughout the round. Though this something most golfers should be able to do.

The luck of the draw that comes with the playing cards makes this side bet more casual than serious. To win this game you will need some luck on your side. This makes it better suited for golfers looking to have some fun rather than those looking to wager serious money.

Strategy One Putt Poker

The fun of this side bet is that it adds a little extra excitement to your game. This format isn’t really meant to be played strategically but if you reeeally want to win then there are some strategies you can employ to improve your odds.

Utilize Layup Shots

To win this game you want to get as close to the pin as possible. This means that going for the green from a far distance is not always your best option.

Hitting layup shots that will leave you closer to the green on your approach shots will increase your chances of one putting. This is because this shorter distance makes it more likely you land your ball closer to the pin.

Aim For The Fringe

This strategy in our opinion is a little greasy but if you want to win badly enough it can help get the job done. Similar to hitting layup shots intentionally missing the green on approach shots is going to help you win this game.

This is because it will leave you with a greenside chip that will greatly increase the chance of a one putt. If you care about your score on the round you will likely not want to use this strategy as it probably result in more strokes being taken.

Concluding Thoughts One Putt Poker Golf Format

We hope this guide gave you a full understanding of the one-putt poker golf format. Want to learn about some more golf formats and side games. Check out our high low golf format breakdown or some other golf games.

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