High Low Golf Format – How To Play

The high low golf format is a great golf game to play if you are looking to spice up your regular round of golf. This format is played with four players in two teams of two. The format works like this.

Golfers will form teams of two and play out the hole in standard stroke play format. Once the hole is completed the golfers will compare scores. The players who shot the lowest score on their team will compare with eachother.

Whoever scored lower between the two earns a point for their team. You will then compare the scores of the higher scoring golfers on each team. Whichever teams high scoring golfer shot lower also earns a point.

This is where the name high low comes from. This game uses the high-ball and low-ball scoring system to give out two points on each hole.

Once the round is complete the two teams will compare point totals. The team with the higher point total is the winner.

Who is It For

This game is one that can be played by golfers of all skill levels but it is especially well suited for foursomes that feature two highly skilled golfers and two less skilled golfers.

Often times when there re large differences in skill or handicap it can be difficult to find a golf format that works well with the group.

This game solves that problem as you are able to breakdown the foursome into two even teams. Once on the two teams the high-low scoring system ensures that the scores from both golfers are important. It also allows each golfer in the foursome to compete against someone close to their skill level.

Strategies For High Low Golf Format

Like any other golf format there are some strategies you can use to give yourself a better chance to win the game. These can be handy for first time players that are looking to get a grasp no how to play this game effectively.

High Ball Scorer Should Play Conservative

If you are in a foursome in which you have one high handicappers and one low handicapper on each team then this is a useful tip.

How often do you think you are going to outscore the low handicapper on the hole? This is something that will rarely happen, meaning you are mostly just competing with the other high handicapper.

For this reason it may makes sense to play a conservative game. Most high handicappers are likely to lose balls and score high on a large number of holes.

This means playing it safe and scoring bogeys and pars is going to win you the vast majority of holes. Which means putting away the driver, hitting layup shots, and aiming for the center of the green are all things you should be attempting as the high ball scorer.

Keep An Eye On The Scoreboard

Another important factor is to always be aware of the score of the game. This will allow you to tune the aggressiveness of your shots. If you are the low handicapper and you need to win the low ball you likely need a good score.

This may mean you will have to go for that par five in two or take out the driver on a short par four and go for the green. These may not be the smart play all the time but if you need a birdie to win the hole and tie the score then this risky shots may come into play.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding the high low golf format. If you did we hope you check out some of our other guides. Such as our guide to St.Andrews Foursomes or Pink ball golf format.

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