St.Andrews Foursomes Golf Format – How To Play

The St.Andrews Foursomes golf format is a great golf game you can play with four players. This game is played with two teams of two pitted against eachother. Here is how it works.

To start the hole both members of the team drive the ball. The team then chooses which of the two drives they will to choose to play. Now here is where the game gets interesting.

One player on your team will be designated to take the second shot on all of the odds holes. While the other team member will take the second shot on all of the even holes.

Once you have taken the second shot you play alternate shot until the hole is complete. This means that aside from the drive only one player takes each shot. After you take a shot you rotate and your partner is up for the next shot.

St.Andrews Foursome Golf Format Scoring

The scoring of this golf game is typically done in the stroke format. This means at each hole you will record how many strokes you and your partner needed to finish the hole.

Once the round is complete you tally up your strokes and the team with the lower score is the winner.

Who is this golf game for?

This golf game is a great format to play with mid or low handicap golfers. Playing with golfers of this skill level will lend itself much better than high handicappers.

This is because high handicappers struggle with consistency. If you are playing with a beginner golfer that often loses balls you may not get much enjoyment out of the round.

Since half the shots rely on one teammate alone it can be a lot of pressure for the high handicapper. This will also greatly slow down your round as you will spend a lot more time searching for balls if a high handicapper is in the group.

Concluding Thoughts St.Andrews Foursomes Golf Format

We hope this guide on how to play St.Andrews Foursomes Golf Format taught you everything you needed to know. If you have any questions reach out in are comment section.

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