Portuguese Caddy Golf Game – How To Play

Portuguese caddy is a fun golf game you can player with ay number of players. The game simply works like this.

In this golf side game, golfers are able to use their foot to kick their ball into a better location. Prior to the round, the group of golfers must decide the number of times they are allowed to do this. If the golfers choose five times this means each golfer in the group will get to move the ball with their foot five times.

How Far Can I Kick The Ball In The Portuguese Caddy Golf Game

This is where this game becomes a little less strict. When playing Portuguese caddy there is no set distance or way of kicking your ball.

The rule is set as a way to allow golfers to kick their ball out of a divot or sand trap. It is not supposed to be used as a tool to kick your ball into the hole on the green or to punt it down the fairway.

In short, these kicks are typically used to get out of trouble. It is best to discuss with your group prior to playing to determine how exactly you want to use this rule

Who Is The Portuguese Caddy Golf Game For

This game is built for golfers that are weekend warriors or casual golfers. Portuguese caddy is a spinoff of golf that makes the game a lot less frustrating. If you are trying to have some fun on the course then this game is a great way to do it.

Have you noticed a friend or family member struggling when you play together. If so suggest a game of Portuguese Caddy. See if this will allow them to enjoy the game a bit more.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to play the Portuguese Caddy golf game. If you have any questions about this game please let us know. You can do this in our comment section or through our contact page.

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