Understanding Semi-Private Golf Courses

Between all of golfs terminology and equipment, it can be easy to get confused. And with most golfers expecting you to know terms such as semi-private golf course being it be tough to keep up. That’s why this article is on hand in order to breakdown semi private golf courses.

What Does Semi-Private Golf Course Mean?

A semi-private golf course is a course that allows for golfers to purchase a membership as you would at a private course. While also allowing golfers without a membership to book tee times as they would at a public course.

This style of golf course utilizes both models of private and public. In order to create a course available to all while also offering memberships.

Why Would I Get A Membership At One Of These Golf Courses?

There are several benefits to purchasing a membership versus just booking a guest tee time.

The first reason is preferred tee times. You will find that many semi-private golf courses have blocks of time that can only be booked by members. This ensures that members of the course will have access to the busier times on the course. Meaning they will have priority over those who are not members.

Another reason to choose a semi private membership over playing as a guest is the cost. This benefit is, of course, dependent on how many times you play the course.

The more times you play the course in a given year the more it makes sense to have a membership. If the membership is $1000 and you play 50 rounds that year then you have lowered the green fees down to $20. This is going to be a much cheaper rate than if you paid each time you played.

Semi-Private Courses VS Private Courses

Semi-private courses versus private courses are fairly easy to tell apart. The only major difference between these courses is that anyone can book a tee time on a semi-private golf course. While on a private course only a member can book a tee time.

You may still be able to play a private course if you are a guest of a member but you will find you will not be able to book a tee time if none of the players in your group are a member of the course.

A few other interesting points about private courses versus semi-private courses is that private courses will almost always be of higher quality. You can expect that private courses will be maintained better than the vast majority of semi-private courses.

This is in part due to the fact all those that play the course are members so they typically take better care of the course. As well as, a well-maintianed course is also likely to be private as they want to ensure the course stays in great condition.

It is also worth mentioning that a private course is going to have a higher membership cost than the vast majority of semi-private courses. This is due to the fact that these clubs are higher quality and will likely be less busy than a semi-private course.

Semi-Private Courses VS Public Courses

When comparing semi-private courses versus public courses there are a few major differences. The most noticeable difference is that at a semi-private course you can get a membership.

At public courses, it is quite common that memberships are not offered. This means that each time you play the course you will simply pay your green fees before you start the round.

You will also notice a quality difference between semi-private courses and public courses. The vast majority of the time you’ll find that semi-private golf courses are better maintained.

This is very similar to private courses as the members of this course are more likely to treat the grounds better. As well as you will find the average golfer at a semi-private course is more experience than golfers at public courses.

You will also notice that semi-private golf courses are going to have higher green fees than public courses. This is due to the fact that semi-private courses offer higher quality experience. The target golfer for these courses is also quite different.

Public courses are typically played by casual golfers. While a large portion of semi-private course members will typically be experienced golfers.


We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding the semi private golf courses. If you have any questions regarding these kinds of coursesplease be sure to reach out in the comments below.

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