Best Callaway Irons for High Handicappers

We understand it can be tough to keep up with all the new releases of golf equipment each year. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the best Callaway Irons for high handicappers. So you can find the right set of clubs for your golf game.

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons

  • A.I. designed Flash Face Cup
  • Noticeably Wider Soles
  • Tungsten Weighting For Ideal CG
  • Improved Turf Interaction Via Shaping
  • Higher Price Point

The first addition to our list of the best Callaway Irons for high handicappers are the big Bertha B21 irons. This iron set is a fantastic option for any high handicap golfer looking for more consistency in their golf game.

A.I. designed Flash Face Cup

The AI designed a flash face cup is a great feature that any golfer using these irons will benefit from. The result of this AI designed feature is more ball speed and therefore more distance.

Are you’re looking to find more distance in your irons? If yes, then this flash face cup is going to be a feature you will appreciate.

Noticeably Wider Soles

The noticeably wider souls of these Callaway Irons are going to be another feature that is appreciated from high handicappers.

The wider soles offer you a larger sweet spot on the club. This increases the chances you’re going to hit your sweet spot. And therefore achieve the desired result from your shot.

The wider soles should also give you more confidence when addressing the ball. When you look over your club and see a larger clubface it should reduce some of the nerves that can lead to more mistakes in your game.

Tungsten Weighting For Ideal CG

The tungsten weighting is another great feature that is going to be appreciated by High handicap golfers. Tungsten weighting refers to the use of tungsten steel in the golf clubs head. This is done in order place the center of gravity in an ideal location.

The position in which you want the centre of gravity to be varies depending on your skill level. But for higher handicap golfers a centre of gravity low in the back of the club is going to be the most helpful.

This is because a club with the centre of gravity low and in the back of the clubface is going to offer a higher level of forgiveness. Something every high handicap golfer could use.

Improved Turf Interaction Via Shaping

The engineers of Callaway also utilize specific shaping in order to receive the ideal turf interaction. What this means is that this club will respond well with coming into contact with the ground. Much sharper irons with stick into the ground when contact is made. For high handicap models, you should find they have a smoother bottom which will allow for more of a bounce.

Allowing for your club to bounce off the ground as opposed to dig into it is going to be helpful for those golfers typically hit shots fat.

The only real negative we came across was that these irons come with a fairly high price point. Thought they do not compare to the highest performance models in terms of price this set of Callaway Irons is going to be more expensive than the other options on our list.

Callaway Mavrik Iron Set

  • Optimal Launch Through Different CG in each club
  • Affordable Price
  • A.I.-designed Flash Face Cup
  • Available in three different player profiles

    The next addition to our list of the best Callaway irons for high handicappers is the Callaway maverick irons. This set from Callaway is another great option for high handicappers looking to find quality irons for a fair price.

    Optimal Launch

    The first feature we’re going to cover is the optimal launch that you will find indeed of these irons due to the Callaway engineers creating a different CG for each club.

    This feature is interesting because the majority of clubs set their centre of gravity in one specific location.

    Callaway in this case determined that a different centre of gravity would be optimal depending on how high are attempting to hit the ball.

    This is why each of these irons as a different centre of gravity. In order to give you an optimal launch each time you hit the ball. Something many high handicappers struggle with.

    It is also worth mentioning that these clubs to come at a much more affordable price than the top option on my list. If you decide to go with the Callaway Mavericks over the B 21s you will find you’re going to save roughly $200 on your purchase as of writing this.

    This may not be huge to some golfers. But for those shopping on a budget this difference in price maybe crucial in the decision-making process.

    A.I.-designed Flash Face Cup

    These irons also feature the same AI face of design we covered on our first model. As we stated earlier this will result in increased ball speeds on your iron shots and therefore increase distance.

    One more benefit of these Callaway Irons is that they are available in three different player profiles. What mean by this is that you can decide to choose between three different models built for varying skill levels of golfers.

    The three options are the Callaway maverick pro build for mid-handicap golfers. The Callaway maverick standard which is made for mid to high handicap golfers. And the Callaway maverick max which is best for high handicap golfers looking for forgiveness in their irons.

    Overall the Callaway maverick irons are another great option for golfers looking for a high-quality set of irons made for high handicappers. Especially those shoppers that are looking to stay under budget.

    Callaway Epic forged Iron Set

    • Ultra-Premium Forged Design For Pure Sound & Feel
    • Controlled Launch and Distance From the Suspended Tungsten Core
    • 360 Face Cup
    • Spin Control VFT For Consistent Distance
    • Higher Price Point

    The final addition to our list of the best Callaway iron sets for high handicappers is the Callaway epic forged iron set. These irons are a great set for a high handicap that is looking to improve their game. These irons are great for mid to high handicappers. So if you do improve with these irons they will still fit your new skill set.

    Ultra-Premium Forged Design

    The ultra-premium forged design is the first feature we are going to cover in this Callaway Iron set. This forged design is utilized to create a pure sound, feel, and turf interaction.

    The sound and feel that is achieved with this forged iron build are going to be appreciated when out on the course. A confident feel with your irons is an incredibly important part of your game, especially for beginner golfers.

    Having a confident feel in your clubs is going to help to reduce mental errors. These much more common in your golf game than you likely know.

    The build of these irons also offers great turf interaction. As we stated earlier this can be a helpful feature for high handicappers. Irons built for higher handicaps are more likely to bounce along the ground as opposed to dig into it.

    Suspended Tungsten Core

    The suspended Tungsten core of these irons ensures the CG of the club is in the optimal position. The CG of these irons is placed in the position the engineers at Callaway believe is the best position for mid to high handicap golfers.

    360 Face Cup

    The 360 face cup that we mentioned with our previous owners is also utilized in this iron set. As we stated earlier this 360 face couple allows for increased ball speeds across the whole club face. This means more distance on your irons whether you hit it in the sweet spot or a little off center.

    Spin Control VFT

    The final feature we are going to cover is the spin control VFT. What this feature does is generate a consistent level of spin and control on your mid and long irons.

    This should help those higher handicap golfers that struggle with hitting their long irons straight.

    All in all, we found this iron set from Callaway to be a great option for high handicap golfers. Especially those that are looking to continue using the irons as they improve their game. Of all the iron sets on this list this set is best suited for those golfers looking to bridge the gap and become a mid handicap golfer.

    Conclusion Best Callaway Iron Sets For High Handicaps

    We hope you enjoyed our guide to the best Callaway irons for high handicappers. If you have any questions about these iron sets please let us know. You can reach out through our contact page or in the comments below.

    If you enjoyed this guide you want to check out more see our guide to game improvement irons.

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