Criss Cross Golf Game – How To Play

Criss Cross is a golf side game that can be played in singles or teams. It can also be used as a tournament format. In this game, you take a combination of scores from the front and back nine holes.

Criss Cross Golf Game Rules

This game works by pairing up each hole on the front nine with a hole on the back nine. Then once the round is complete you compare scores and choose the better of each pair. The holes are paired up in corresponding order.

Hole #1 is paired with hole #10, hole #2 is paired with hole #11, hole#3 is paired with hole #12 etc…

The holes are scored in traditional stroke play. So whichever of the paired holes has fewer strokes on is the one that you are going to choose from your score.

Once the round is completed golfers will choose the best score of all their paired holes. This scores will create a 9-hole total. These totals are either added up amongst teammates are paired head to head against your opponent.

The team or golfer with the lower 9-hole score it the winner.

Criss Cross Golf Game Strategy

Like most golf side games there is some strategy involved that differs from a regular round of golf. Here are a few tips you can use to keep a competitive advantage over your opponents.

Know When To Take A Risk

One strategy that can help you out when playing criss cross is knowing when to take a risk. Since you know which holes are paired up you can use this to plan on which holes to play agrresively.

If you scored a par on the first hole then when you play hole 11 a par isn’t going to do you any good. This is because you are choosing the best score between these two holes.

For that reason you should play the 11th hole aggressively in order to score a birdie. Having knowledge of you scores on the front nine will allow you to determine which holes are most important to play aggresively.

Pay Attention To Your Opponent

If you are playing with your opponent it can be helpful to keep an eye on their score. If you are able to keep an eye on their score you can plan your strategy in terms of what you need to score.

For example if your front nine scores are beating your opponent you know you can take aggresive shots in order to improve your score. If you are behind after the front nine and had some blow up holes you will implement a different strategy.

You will want to play more conservatively if you know you only need a bogey or par to edge out your previous score.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the criss cross golf game. If so check out some of our other guides to golf games. You can see our guide to playing three blind mice or umbriago.

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