Medal Match Play Scoring – How To Play

Medal match play is a combination of both medal scoring combined with match play scoring. This game works by using match play scoring up until there is a tie. If the round ends with a tie then the golfers use “medal” or “stroke play” to determine the winner.

Medal Match Play Scoring

The scoring of this golf game is quite simple. Golfers are awarded two points if they win a hole and one point if they tie it.

Once the round is over and the golfers tie then medal scoring comes into play. If one of the golfers has a better stroke score at the end of the round they are awarded two points.

This acts as the tiebreaker and will determine the winner.

Medal/Stroke Scoring

Medal or stroke scoring is simply a scoring method that takes into account your total strokes over the round. This is the most common way to score golf. This scoring method is used for the vast majority of proffessional tournaments and events.

Match Play Scoring

The match play scoring system awards points to the golfer or team on each hole they defeat their opponents. This scoring system uses your total number of holes won instead of total strokes in order to determine who the winner is.

Why Use Medal Matchplay Scoring

Medal match play scoring is a great option when betting with another golfer. This is becuase it is areguably the best way to break a tie. Often times golfers will look to play another hole or split the pot if they end up tied after the round.

With the medal matchplay scoring system you will find that you will get a fair tie breaker to end the game. By using medal scoring to break the tie you will determine which of the two golfers won their skins by a larger margin.

If you won the same number of holes but one player took five fewer strokes on the day that means he won his skins by a larger margin. This being the best scoring option is, of course, subjective but in our opinion there is no better option.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope our guide to medal match play scoring taught you everything you needed to know. If you learned something and would like to check out some more of our articles please do! We have a breakdown of how to play many different golf formats such as bingo bango bongo or nines.

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