Mutt And Jeff Golf Game – How To Play

Mutt and Jeff is a fun golf side game that can be played with any number of golfers so long as it’s more than one. This game works by only using the scores on Par 3s and Par 5s. Once the round is completed golfers will tally up their net scores on these holes.

The golfer with the lowest net score on par threes and fives is the winner.

Do You Play This Game With Handicap?

This golf side game can be played with or without handicap. If you decide to play with handicap you can decide to apply the handicap as you would traditionally. Or you can decide to only use it on the holes that count (par 3s and par 5s).

If you decide to go the second route you must be sure give out the strokes accurately. If their are a total of nine par threes and fives on the course you should only use half of your handicap strokes as these are the only nine holes that count in your score.

Mutt And Jeff Strategies

Like any golf game there are some strategies you can use to improve your performance.

Playing On Men’s Night

If you are playing Mutt And Jeff in a large group you are going to need a great score to win. For this reason we suggest you play incredibly aggresive on the par threes and par fives.

This means going for the green in two on par fives if possible. As well as aiming right at the pin on par threes.

Though this style is more risky it will give you the best shot of scoring better when playing in a large group.

Playing In A Small Group

If you are playing in a smaller group there are some other strategies you can implement. First off be aware of your opponents score. If it is small group of players you should be able to determine where your score stands when compared to theirs.

This will allow you to put more strategy into your holes. As well as, give you a better understanding if you should play more aggresive or conservative.

Mutt And Jeff Origin

The Origin of this golf game comes from a newspaper comic strip. This comic strip featured two characters Mutt and Jeff and followed them along on their adventures.

This comic strip started in the early 1900’s and lasted all the way until the 1980’s.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed this guide to the Mutt And Jeff golf game. If you want to check out some other golf formats and side bets we suggest some of our other articles. Such as our guide to playing criss-cross or three blind mice.

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