Can You Wear Your Hat Backwards While Golfing?

Golf as a sport is known for its focus on etiquette and tradition leaving many beginners wondering if they are making blunders when they show up to the course. Wearing a baseball cap backwards is one of those things that beginner golfers just aren’t sure of.

The good news is on the vast majority of golf courses wearing your hat backwards is perfectly ok. In order to determine if the course you are heading to has any rules regarding backwards hats simply head to their website and check out their dress code.

The fact of the matter is even if it is against the dress code it isn’t likely that you will be given any sort of issues at the majority of courses. Though if you are heading to an exclusive course or country club you may want to play it safe as these places can be sticklers with their rules.

If you are unsure whether your course is going to raise an issue with you wearing a backwards cap simply wear it forward on the first tee. Once you hit your drive spin it around and you’ll be good to go. The chance a course marshal calls you out on your dress code is incredibly low meaning likely you are in the clear.

Though I must say that wearing a hat backwards does not offer you much in terms of sun protection. It will keep your hair out of your face and stop sweat but aside from that, a backwards hat doesn’t have much use on the course.

Can You Wear A Backwards Hat On The PGA Tour

No golfers on the PGA tour are not allowed to wear their hats backwards while they are playing. Rickie Fowler was famous for wearing his signature orange hat backwards throughout his collegiate golf career.

When he showed up at Augusta National golf course for the masters he was quickly told to turn his hat around the proper way. Since this point, Folwer has no longer worn his hat backwards in any PGA tournaments.

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