What Is A Par Three Golf Course

A par three golf course is a course made up of only par threes. On a traditional golf course, there is eighteen holes with some being par three, par fours and par fives. A par three course usually has nine holes all of which are par threes. Par threes are the shortest type of golf hole and usually only require irons to reach the green.

Par three courses are typically cheaper, lower quality golf courses. Though their more casual nature is enjoyed by many golfers.

Why Play A Par Three Course

Bang For Your Buck

One of the main reasons to play a par three course is for the cheap price. It is no secret that the sport of golf is expensive. With most eighteen-hole courses costing fifty bucks or more, it can be difficult to play this sport consistently.

Par three courses offer a much cheaper alternative in which you can still practice and enjoy the game. You may be limited in which clubs you can use, but for most golfers, these nine holes are well worth the price.

Perfect For Beginners

On top of being less expensive par three courses are also perfect for beginner golfers. A par three course will allow you to practice your game without the worries of having to carry the ball long distances.

This is also a great option if you are looking to introduce someone to the game for the first time. The shorter distances and more casual atmosphere makes this a perfect spot.

It also makes for a less frustrating day for those golfers that can’t seem to get the hang of the game.

Less Uptight

For casual golfers that are just looking for a way to unwind a par three course is a perfect option. You do not have to worry about the uptight nature that is usually present with golf courses.

Most par three courses do not require collared shirts, proper golf attire, or golf shoes in order to play. This opens the door for many more golfers to enjoy this game despite not having the proper equipment.

This also means you will not have to be as worried about pace of play or other factors that can make the game more stressful than it has to be.

Additionally, you may be able to have a little more fun on the course as well. If you want to play a few balls or retake a shot nobody is going to make a comment on a par three course.

You may also be able to play in larger groups depending on the course. This may open the door to play large golf games, or rounds that include a full friend group.

Essentially the casual nature of par-three courses opens up a lot of options for more fun to be had on the course.

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