Green Fees – A Beginners Guide

If you’re thinking about booking a round of golf you may have noticed the term green fees in relation to the price. Much like many other pieces of golf lingo this is a term not everyone is aware of. Luckliy this article is on hand to breakdown everything you need to know about green fees.

What Are Green Fees

A green fee is simply the price you are being charged to play a round of golf on the course. This is the most expensive part of playing a round of golf. But it does not include the costs of the cart, food, or beverages.

Green fees are only in relation to the cost to play the course with no adds ons. A cart fee for example would be an additional charge you could add on to your green fees in order to drive a golf cart.

Are Green Fees Per Person

Yes green fees are per person. This means if the green fee is $50 then each member of your group must pay $50 themselves in order to play.

What Is An Average Green Fee

The average of these fees can vary greatly depending on your course quality, location, and whether it is public or private.

In the states, an average green fee for a public course is roughly $30-$50. While the average for a private course is $85- $150.

This of course is just an estimate but should be in the ball park when compared to most courses in your area.

How Can I Get Lower Green Fees

We get it, they are quite expensive luckily there are a few options you have to lower them for you next round.

Play Twilight Hours

Playing twilight hours are going to get you cheaper fees no matter where you play. Twilight hours are typically from 3-5PM. Since these times are noticeably less busy the golf course lowers their green fees in order to attract more golfers.

This is a great time to get some rounds in at a lower price. Some courses even over super twilight rates which occur later into the evening. These super twilight rates are going to be some of the best you find.

Purchase Packages

Most public or semi private courses offer you the option of purchasing packages. These packages include several rounds of golf all for a discounted green fee. This is going to cost more upfront but the reduced costs from this deal will save you money in the long run.

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