Pinehurst Golf Format – How To Play

The Pinehurst golf format is an interesting format that turns a regular round of golf on it’s head. Though it is a little confusing we are going to breakdown this format as clearly as possible. Here is how it works.

This golf format involves two person teams. To start each hole both golfers will drive the ball, the twist is they will switch balls and play each other’s second shot. After each player has taken his second shot the team then decides which of the two balls they want to choose.

Once they have chosen the shot the player whose shot was not chosen takes the third shot. They then play alternate shot until the hole is complete.

Example Pinehurst Golf Format

Player 1 Drives and Player 2 drives on a par four.

They switch drives so player 1 hits from players 2’s drive and vice versa.

The golfers then decide they want to play player 2’s second shot.

Player 1 then takes the third shot.

Player 2 takes the fourth shot and holes it.

The team will record a score of par on the hole.

Scoring Pinehurst Golf Format

When playing the Pinehurst golf format it is most common to play in stroke format. This means you add up the total strokes at the end of the round and the team with fewer is the winner. This scoring system is often used for tournaments. It can also be used for a 2v2 match.

It is also common to play this format in match play. This means that instead of calculating the total strokes at the end of the round you simply calculate how many holes you won versus the other team. This format can only be played if you are playing against one other team.

The final scoring system you can use for this game is Stableford. This system awards points based on your score on each hole. Once the round is complete the team with the most points is the winner. This scoring system can be used in tournaments or in a 2v2 format.

Concluding Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our guide to understanding the Pinehurst golf format. If you have any questions about this golf game please reach out in the comments or contact page. If you want to learn more golf formats check our guides to high low golf or the Saint Andrews Foursomes.

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