Vice Pro Soft Review – Low Compression Golf Ball

Vice Pro Soft Review

Vice Pro Soft Review

Performance: 8/10 Price: 9.5/10 Golfer: Mid to High Handicap

“Vice Pro Soft golf balls have burst onto the scene in recent years and despite there low price, they have found themselves rubbing elbows with the top balls in golf.”

Main Features – Vice Pro Soft Review

  • Low Compression
  • S2TG technology
  • Matte Finish
  • Neon Color Options

Low Compression

These Vice Pro Soft golf balls are considered low compression balls. For those of you that don’t know this refers to the degree at which the ball is compressed when contact is made.

Compression has several effects on your ball will travel once contact is made. Typically the compression you choose should be based on your swing speed.

For example, a low compression golf ball like these vice balls will travel further off drives. A lower compression golf ball will also have less spin. This is advantageous for higher handicap golfers as it will reduce their slice but it is a negative feature for lower handicaps as they will be less able to hit fades and draws.

The guide for picking your compression typically looks like this.

High Compression – 105 or higher MPH Swing

Medium Compression – 85- 104 MPH Swing

Low Compression – 84 or lower MPH Swing

This ball is targeted towards lower and medium swing speeds. Those are the golfers that would see the most benefit from these balls.

Mid and high handicap golfers will see an increase in distance with irons and drives when using a low compression ball like the Vice Pro Soft. Though they will have more trouble sticking greens from long distances as they will not be able to generate as much backspin.

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S2TG Technology

S2TG technology is Vice’s patented technology that allows for better backspin and control around the greens.

This is made possible by the Matte finish urethane cast. This golf ball is the first-ever matte-finished urethane cast which allows golfers to place more spin on their balls when chipping.

Matte Finish

The Matte finish is another interesting feature of this Vice golf ball. Though it sounds just cosmetic it offers several perks to the golfer.

It dramatically reduces glare when addressing the ball which ensures you stay focused. It also increases visibility making it much easier to spot your ball while in the air or on the ground. This will likely save you a few dollars along the way.

Neon Colour Options

Featuring colour options of red, lime green, and white these vice balls give you a few options when it comes to colour.

Depending on your eye site some golfers find much easier to spot certain kinds of golf balls. Testing out these neon colours could end up saving you a few bucks in the long run.


The pricing of these golf balls played a major role in the recent surge in popularity. Typically priced at under $3 per ball this Vice golf ball has great value for its quality.

You can check out the current price here.

Design And Materials

The design of this Vice Soft Pro is a traditional three-piece design.

This means there is a soft outer cover, an intermediate piece as well as a solid core.

For those of you who don’t know golf balls can come in several different numbers of pieces. The lowest being a two-piece design, this is typically used for the lowest compression balls. Two-piece balls offer less spin and more distance and are usually used by high handicappers.

Three-piece balls are one step up from two-piece offer a small amount of ball spin while still giving you great distance.

Once you choose into four-piece golf balls you will see this are typically tour quality balls that are used by low handicappers and pros. These golf balls are not built with the intention of adding extra distance. But instead more spin in order to stick greens and hit more complex shots.

This means that this three-piece golf ball by Vice fits well for golfers at a mid to high handicap.

The outer cover of this Vice golf ball made of a Urethane cast. This is an interesting construction as we stated earlier it is the first Urethane cast Matte Ball offered to consumers. This has a few effects on the outcome of your shots.

Urethane covers tend to offer a little more spin than their counterpart Surlyn covers. Typically low compression balls use Surlyn to ensure as little spin as possible.

This makes this Vice Soft Pro golf ball a little different than your standard low compression ball. By adding a Urethane cover golfers are able to get a little more spin on the ball when working around the green.

This lends this ball a little more credence to thee mid handicapper crowd making it a more versatile ball.

Consumer Analysis – Vice Pro Soft Review

In this portion of the review, we disregard the opinions of the pros and just look at what the real consumers are saying. We read through hundreds of consumer reviews and find their favourite features and major pain points.

  • Increased Distance
  • Great Value
  • Coulor Options
  • Durability Issues

Overall we found the reviews of this Vice Pro Soft golf ball to consistently positive. We found few reviews here and there that were not happy with their purchase. Though, as a whole, the consumers seemed eager to continue using this Vice ball.

One of the major points covered in reviews was the distance increase. This benefit was covered in nearly every positive review we came across. One review from an older golfer stated this ball added 15 yards to his driver and 8 to his irons.

Another one of the common themes we saw in our review analysis was the mention of value. Many golfers ended up comparing this ball the Pro V 1 and the fact they couldn’t get over was that the price was nearly half.

Now we aren’t saying that this Vice Pro Soft ball is up to the level of a Pro V 1. But if it is only costing half the price then this Vice ball might be the better option for many.

The colour options was another feature that consumers seemed quite pleased with. We know that some golfers just prefer to play coloured balls. Many of the major brands only carry white, high quality coloured balls like these were quite welcome to many golfers.

The one issues we saw throughout are reviews was mentions of durability. Some golfers found that due to the thin shell and the matte finish this ball could get scuff and damaged easily. Though some other reviewers were quick to contest these claims.

All in all the consumer reviews of this golf ball were quite positive.

Vice Pro Soft Review – Conclusion

Throughout our research we found this Vice Pro Soft golf ball to be a great quality product.

If you are a mid to high handicapper this ball can certainly help your game. Whether it’s adding some distance to your shots or reduce some side spin this Vice golf ball can be a game-changer.

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